Mechanical Shifter

Mechanical Sifter

Mechanical sifter is useful for gradation and separation of dry powders or granules based on gyratory vibration principle. This machine utilizes screens of different sizes for sifting and separating of the mechanical sifter materials until the required size is obtained

These sifters are useful for applications in production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, ceramics, flour products, cosmetics, spices, etc. We provide sifters with various sizes as per the requirements.

Models available for various diameter starting from 12” to 36″ with Suitable Motor HP.

Wide range of sieves available for required gradation starting from 14 to 200 mesh

Salient Features

  • SS 304/Ss316 models
  • High capacity & optimum use of space.
  • Modular construction for ease of maintenance
  • Springs to amplify vibrations resulting in low power consumption.
  • Compact unit for easy of operations.
  • Multi deck models.