Rapid Mixer Granulators

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Rapid Mixer Granulator

GEM’s Rapid Mixer Granulators operates at a low cost coupled with high productivity and is designed in a manner to achieve perfect mixing & consistent granules.

GEM’s Rapid Mixer Granulators Excellent mixing & close control over the size of granules leads to faster speed in tableting along with superior quality and minimal rejections.

GEM’s Rapid Mixer Granulators meets special needs of tablet manufacturing technology by reducing processing time, homogenous mixing, uniformity of size and above all maintaining improved hygiene compliant to GMP norm

GEM’s Rapid Mixer Granulator Machine consists of various parts ie. Mixing Bowl, Mixing Blades, Granulator, Pneumatic Discharge, Motor, Gear Box, Operating Panel and the Control Panel.

Working Principle of GEM’s Rapid Mixer Granulators :

The working of an Rapid Mixer Granulator machine is based on the two important & essential factors for the mixing systems.

  1. While Spinning close to the bottom of the mixing bowl, the entire mixture is set in a whirling – rising – tumbling motion by the impeller, ensuring a quick and even distribution of all dry components. This leads to an even wetting of every granule. Large lumps that occurr during wet mixing are broken up, by the strategically placed chopping tool rotating at 1440/ 2880 rpm. The mix can be discharged with the impeller running through an outlet located on the side of the mixing bowl near the bottom.

  2. Easy accessibility for cleaning is ensured by the low profile. The mixing tool can be easily removed from the drive-shaft, providing an un-obstructed mixing area for easy cleaning.

Standard Processing Duration of GEM’s Rapid Mixer Granulators Machine

  • Dry Mixing approx 3 – 5 Mins
  • Wet Mixing approx 5 – 10 Mins
  • Wet Granulation approx 5 – 10 Mins
  • Discharge approx 1-15 Mins
  • Above time may vary from material to material.
  • Salient Features

    • Homogeneous binder distribution.
    • Short batch time, reduces cleaning time.
    • Option of maximize CIP effectiveness.
    • Air purges sealing system for main stirrer shaft & granulator shaft.
    • All internal contact parts are under precise control of process & automation.
    • A high-speed granulator is inserted horizontally through wall of bowl to assist blending of powder & to break the product to the granules of required size.
    • The seal housing and drive shaft may be flushed with cleaning water which is then drained away from the machine through built in drain tubes.
    • Available with Auto Control panel and PLC/HMI system as per requirement
    • Varying capacity ranging from 10 liters to 1200 Liters.
    Model Working Volumes Gear Box Ration Main Motor HP (1500/750 RPM) Chopper Motor HP (1500/3000 RPM)
      Litre Kg      
    RMG 10 8 4 10:1 2/3 0.5/1
    RMG 25 20 10 10:1 2/3 1/1.5
    RMG 50 40 40 10:1 3/5 1.5/2
    RMG 100 80 40 10:1 7.5/10 2/3
    RMG 150 120 60 10:1 10/15 3/5
    RMG 25020010010:122.5/303/5
    RMG 300 240 120 10:1 22.7/30 3/5
    RMG 400 320 160 10:1 35/40 5/7.5
    RMG 600 480 240 10:1 40/50 5/7.5
    RMG 80064032010:150/605/7.5
    RMG 100080040010:163/8510/15
    RMG 1200100050010:180/10010/15