Drum Press


Drum Press

For pasty products of medium to high viscosity and with low flow ability drum press

For products, difficult to be pumped because of their low flow ability and high thixotropic characters that are required to be discharged from Production vessels for feeding Production Machines.

Frame made of welded MS steel plates provides a study construction.

The construction is simple, all operational controls are easy to reach and simple to operate.

Features of Drum Press :

  • The Hydraulic unit drive installed at the top of the frame provides the required pressure via a hydraulic piston for both discharging of the product and raising/lowering the platform together with discharge vessel.
  • Positive air/gas venting to ensure pure distillate..
  • Improvised cooler design for optimum efficiency.
  • Electropolished cerviceless, inner contact surfaces drum press.
  • Sanitary Triclover fittings make quick and easy preventive maintainence possible.

Design Features of Multi Column Distillation Plant:

  • Panel board with PLC, micoprocessor based controls, facilitate self regulation and self monitoring except for 80 litre still.
  • Air pockets between the press-plate and the product are avoided by air vent.
  • The product has not contact with the air while packing operation proceeds of drum press.
  • The plunger ring, as it moves down, scrapes the vessel wall thus facilitating its subsequent cleaning.
  • The lowering speed of the plate is adjustable thus enabling good control of the discharge process.
  • The employment of such a press is essential for removing and transferring high paste chemical products.

Technical Data:
Transfer Press with Safety Frame/Cage

  • Main Motor For hydraulic : 2HP
  • Brand Mark of motor : Standard make
  • Motor Turnover : 1480 rpm
  • Motor Protection Type : Non FLP
  • Frequency : 50Hz