Capsule Inspection Cum Polishing Machine


Capsule Inspection cum Polishing Machine:

We are offering to our clients, two stages Automatic Capsule Inspection Cum Polishing Machine, which are equipped with feeding section, inspection section and polishing section.

The details about the capsule inspection cum polishing machine, tablet inspection machine are as follows:

Feeding Section:This section consists of stainless Steel Hopper, a Stainless Steel Vibrator and a Stainless Steel Drug Powder Collector. Due to vibration as the capsules pass through the vibrator some amount of drug powder gets collected in the Stainless Steel collector.

Inspection SectionThis section consists of conveyor belt with variable speed drive and lighting from above to inspect the capsules. The capsules move on the conveyor belt while moving they revolve around the axis due to the angular guides. The defective capsules can be sorted out by the operator through visual inspection.The defective capsule inspection cum polishing machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Mumbai India can be removed manually by puckers or by hand.

Polishing Section:This section consists of two Stainless Steel chambers fitted with a filter cloth; a revolving variable speed spiral nylon brush, stainless steel powder collector and vacuum dust collector. The capsules inspection cum polishing machine travel from one end of the brush to the other end. During this travel they are subjected to roll in between the Nylon bristles and sucked by the Dust Collector (Since the capsules are polished twice i.e. in two chambers the powder settled at the edge of the capsules also get removed).

The capsules inspection cum polishing machine coming out of the chute are thoroughly polished, glossy and clean:

  • Output: 40,000 TO 80,000 Capsules per hour
  • Drive Motors:
    1. Inspection section: 1/2 HP
    2. Polishing Section: 1 HP
    3. Vibrator: 230 V. SINGLE PHASE
  • Width of inspection belt: 6″
  • No. Of Operators: 1
  • No. Of Polishing Chambers: 2