Conta Blender

Conta Blender System has replaced completely the conventional blenders like V shape / Double cone or Ribbon type- is to latest GMP concept with an emphasis on the dust free transfer of powders and granules at different stages from sizing / dispensing 1o compression / filling of Tablets or Capsules.

The process involves collecting the sized granules in o Container, wheeling it to the conta blender, engage the same with clamping system, lift and tumble for the pre validated time in set number of rotations.

Conta Blender has a flexibility of Batch Volume. Varying sizes of containers con be mounted on a drive console which is equipped with clamping cage. Batch size variation achievable in 500 kg. Model for example, is from 5 kg, to 1000 kg, using different sizes of conta blender manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Mumbai India.

The mixing efficiency is better than the other type of tumbling blenders like Double Cone, V or Octagonal as they rotate in a diagonal and in an eccentric plane. It shuffles the product intimately resulting in homogeneous blend within 5-20 minutes.

-A/C Drive is provided to take care of starting Torque.
- 0° stopping for easy docking and undocking of the bin.
-Conta blender suitable fencing around the cage with an entry point for the bin on detachable trolley. Limit switch on entry door to prevent the accidental operation of the cage.
- Flexibility of accepting variable bin sizes providing wide range of batch volumes.
- cGMP construction with cladded polished S.S sheets.
-The charging hole with cover is provided on top with quick opening and closing arrangement with dust proof joints for particle free transfer.
- Built-in Butterfly valve (150 mm dia) at the bottom suitable for discharge.
-Suitable leak proof vent on top.
-Capacity available 5 to 1000 Kgs.
- Highly effective for low volume active blending with as low as 1% active.
- Processing of different sizes of production batches in single equipment with scale up data.
- Dust-free operation in solid dosage processing area.
- No risk of De-blending on extended processing.
- Containerized transfer of processed material avoiding manual scooping.
- No cleaning down time as the product container is mobile.
Conta Blender of dry powder for capsules

Closed system containment of processed powders/granules.

Single step transfer from Drying to compression / filling equipment with reduced material handling.

Double Cone Blender

Gem Pharma’s Double Cone blenders are most often used for dry blending of free solids. The solids being blended in these blenders can vary in bulk density and percentage of the total mixture. The matter being blended is constantly intermixed as the double cone rotates. The normal cycle time is 10 minutes and can be more or less depending upon the complexity of the material being mixed.

The main body of this blender consists of two cone-shaped sections welded at their bases to a central cylindrical section. The driving motor is located at one of the two lateral supports holding the blender body. Powdery or granular materials are fed into the double cone containers using a vacuum intake system or manual feeding. The continuous rotation of the container makes the material move in a complex and forceful manner to achieve uniform mixing which is aided by the conical shape at both ends.
• The conical shape (SLANT DESIGN) at both ends enables uniform mixing and easy discharge.
• 0o stopping for easy docking and unlocking of the bin.
• The cone is statically balanced which protects the gear box and motor from any excessive load.
• Powder is loaded into the cone through a wide opening and discharged through a butterfly or a Slide valve.
• Depending upon the characteristic of the product, paddle type baffles can be provided on the shaft for better.
• Contact parts are made of SS 316.
• Flame proof electricals can be provided upon request.
• Dust free bin charging system ensures minimum material handling.

Octagonal Blender

Gem Pharma’s Octagonal Blender, due to its octagonal shape is designed to process larger volume of material. It occupies less space compared to other similar blenders like 'V' and Double Cone. The blending takes place at low speed during operation. It is well balanced even in higher capacities. It is very useful for pharmaceutical industries wherein gentle blending of dry granules of powder is to be done. It is a slow speed blender and has removable type baffles mounted on a rectangular shell.

The important feature of the machine is easy to wash in place. Octagonal blender is supplied with a bin charging system or can be designed for vacuum charging. Dust free charging system is also incorporated, which is a completely closed system.

The right hand side shaft is connected to a standard gearbox by means of chain and sprockets, which in turn is coupled to an electric motor. The whole drive assembly is covered with S.S. side panel. The material to be mixed is charged in machine either manually from top or bin charging system or vacuum charging system and then the port is locked positively. Then blender is started at a pre-set blending time. At the end of process, machine is stopped and the product is transferred to process containers by opening the butterfly value.
• The entire unit is mounted on a sturdy stand, complete with electric motor and gear box.
• It can be supplied with bin charging system and can be designed for vacuum, dust free charging & discharging of product.
• Pneumatically actuated valves for dust free transfers.
• Octagonal blender machine is provided with control panel board and safety railing.
• It is a slow speed blender and has a removable baffle mounted through a rectangular lid.
• Simple design facilitates easy cleaning.
• The power consumption is comparatively lower than the other similar type of blenders.
• Capacity of octagonal blender available from 15 litres to 10000 litres (20000 L on demand).
• Contact parts in limit switch are provided for operators safety & manual inching arrangement
• For High Density material a special type of RHB Gear Box is provided to avoid the slippery motion.
• Drum lifting system, PLC automation control, AC Variator for motor, WIP CIP system, Flame proof motors exporter with flameproof push buttons stations can be provided (optional).

Polygonal Blender

Gem Pharma’s Polygon Blender is ideal for blending of powder and homogeneous lubrication of granules in short time cycles. This twelve sided tumbling blender, promotes diffusive mixing with very little shear and is ideal for processing friable, free flowing materials.

Polygon Blender operates on diffusive mixing principle of distributing particles from surface to surface continuously located at optimum angles. Gem Pharma’s Polygon Blinder can be used at higher RPM as the blender is well balanced but is usually used at lower RPMs. It is mainly used in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and other industries.
• Ideal for large volume / batch blending.
• Homogeneous mix in shorter time frame.
• Extremely gentle handling of products due to low rotational speeds.
• Most optimum volume to space occupied ratio.
• Low power consumption.
• Easy and total discharge.
• Access for thorough cleaning.
• Vibration & noise free operation.
• Easy to dismantle & resemble.
• Max Capacity up to 3000 Litres available and can be extended for higher capacities.
• Contact pasts of SS 316 and non-contact parts made of SS 304
• All bearing housing is “SPLIT HOUSING” with leak proof sealing arrangements.
• Separate hand wheel for positioning the blender for loading and unloading.

Ribbon Blender

Gem Pharma’s Ribbon blenders are one of the most versatile, cost effective and commonly used mixers for dry solids in all process industries from general chemical to food, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemicals and polymers. Ribbon blenders are ideal for mixing most solids and light pastes homogenously.

The action of the inner and outer ribbons provides efficient and economical blending. Ribbon Blenders consist of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a specially fabricated ribbon agitator. A ribbon agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical agitators. The outer ribbon moves materials in one direction and the inner ribbon moves the materials in the opposite direction.

The ribbon mixer machine is made with user friendly features such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, vacuum filling and discharge arrangements, special shaft seals, heating and cooling jackets and in a variety of sizes and models for specialized applications.
• Spray nozzles as part of Liquid Spraying System can be provided. (optional).
• Vacuum or pressure construction.
• WIP inbuilt in ribbon blender for cleaning.
• Spherical, flush type ball discharge valve.
• Lump breakers for solid or agglomerate size reduction.
• Dimpled or baffled jackets for heating or cooling ribbon blender.
• Complete and consistent process of high shear mixing and blending in one unit
• Working capacity from 50L to 15000L
• Suitable for mixing solids with solids and solids with liquids
• Shorter batch time due to contra mixing ribbons
• All contact parts are made of SS 316 and mirror polished
• The specifications of ribbon mixer comply with cGMP regulations
• Able to achieve triple mixing action

V Cone Blender

Gem Pharma’s ‘V’ Blenders uniformly displace materials for a complete low shear tumble blending of products via the intermeshed action of two inclined cylinders attached together in the form of a “V”. This results in precise blending with short mix cycles. Tumble blending is most suited to products of uniform product size and density, and where requirements for fast, thorough cleaning are desirable in sanitary applications.

The V-Cone blender is used to produce homogeneous solid-solid mixture. This rotating shell V-type blender with no packing glands around the shafts entering the chamber ensure total elimination of cross contamination. The special design ensures minimal attrition when blending fragile granules and is suitable for Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic and Nutraceutical industries.
• Rotating V type shell with large capacity
• Intensifier bar for special applications available
• Easy loading & un-loading
• Easy to clean
• Dust free operations when combined with Bin charging system
• Special baffles to increasing mixing shear
• Near complete discharge of product material integrated vacuum loading option available
• All contact parts made of SS 316
• No shaft projection, hence no product contamination
• Easy to clean with internal attachments like lump breakers and liquid dispensers
• Wide capacity options available from 5 – 1200 litres and custom made up to 10000 litres.
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