Auto coater


Salient Feature of Auto Coater :

  • CGMP standard.
  • AHU comprise of pre-filter, Micro vee filter/HEPA filter.
  • Auto coater design to meet process requirements/space limitations.
  • De-humidification of inlet air using chilled water, brine or desiccant systems.
  • Air heating system with a choice of energy sources such as steam or electrical energy.
  • System comprises of efficient inlet air and exhaust air to create negative pressure inside the pan to make sure spray spread on to the tablets.
  • Spray pattern is achieved without any beard formation.
  • Spraying auto coater system Spray Guns shall be provided.
  • In Built WIP system is provided with necessary connections.
  • For the first time the distance between the bed & the spray nozzle is displayed on the HMI screen. Spray angle & distance are adjustable. The nozzles are easy to clean.
  • Auto coater can interchange a 48” pan for a 36” and further to 24” and so on This gives batch size flexibility in the same equipment.
  • Investment is only required for a single piece of auto coater equipment.
  • The discharging system is designed & engineered to discharge a single tablet from the pan without manual intervention. The discharge system can be installed without any tools & is easy to remove from the pan after discharge.
  • MIMIC for the process will be provided in HMI.
  • CGMP model available.