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Ropp Cap Sealing Machine

Gem Pharma Machineries is a global provider of Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Food, Beverages, Distilleries and allied industries.

It is one of the best manufacturer in India supplier wide turn key projects especially in Pharmaceutical industries.

It is situated in Industrial area of Navi Mumbai with highly potential workers, qualified personnel, technical engineers, experienced technical personnel who are in the field of design, manufacturer and execution of pharmaceutical, Chemical projects for a long time.

Ropp cap sealing machine manufacturers, suppliers and exporters infrastructure is quite spacious to handle big projects with excellent outstretched facilities especially Material Handling, Safety, Inspection, Operations etc.

The company was started in the year 1985 with very few people by Mr. S.J Kumar competing pharmaceutical liquid facility. Initially the company supplied machines to liquid oral plants such as Filter Presses, Pumps, Tanks and Ropp cap sealing machine etc.

Later the company has developed and become a leading company to compete in Granulation, Liquid Oral, Ointment/Cream manufacturing plants especially specialized in Dryers, Blenders and Mixers.


GEM’s granulation line is uniquely qualified to provide state of the art integrated powder handling and processing line to supply better product than the best, your product in the industry. Drawing on the world class expertise, we offer fully integrated turnkey installations.

Our service includes design, installation assistance, commissioning, process validation, and technical support. Design, Installation, operation qualification and documentation are carried out according to FDA/cGMP guidelines.

GEM has a strong technology innovation and excellence to be your expert for solid dosage departments.

Each product has different characteristics ropp cap sealing machine, each project has different requirements and Gem will design for you a customized lay-out and the suitable machinery on the basis of your product, your needs and your production plans.

GEM supplies complete system and integrated concept to fit your requirements. GEM will be your partner for Turnkey projects.

A complete integrated granulation line can be designed as per system standards. All product contact parts are made in stainless steel SS 316 other materials and outer surfaces are made in Stainless Steel SS 304.

The machines will have High Quality, High functionality, Ergonomic customized designs, efficient high performance as per cGMP complaint.

GEM’s entire range of process equipment is designed with system integration in mind. Amodular approach allows customers to select standard process modules to suit project needs. Ropp cap sealing machine and coaters can be combined with high shear mixer-granulators, wet and dry milling facilities, product handling systems, binder and coating preparation units, filtration units, all designed for fully integrated systems. Safety, containment, product flow and building requirements are in-built for full integration for optimum process efficiency.