Liquid Homogeniser Machine


Homogeniser :


  • Homogenizer is provided as an optional attachment based on customer preference.
  • The homogenizer attached at the top, bottom or in line with re-circulation arrangement colloids the product to a fine paste due to high shear speed and milling through perforated holes.
  • Creating fine liquid stable emulsion is very essential in the process of cream making.
  • It creates high shear force to break the particle size to microns.
  • Higher the shear energy created, lower the particle size resulting in soft cream.
  • The stator houses the rotor driven by suitable inline motor.
  • Rotor shaft fitted with the double cartridge. Mechanical seal of TC/TC seal face.
  • Mechanical seal is provided with cooling water arrangement.
  • Interlock to stop the motor if the cooling water is not circulated.
  • Complete product contact parts are made of SS 316 l and other parts of SS 304.
  • Inner parts are finished to class 4b (mirror) finish and all other 2b (satin) finish.
  • Capacity: 0.25 HP to 15 HP.


These homogenizers used for dairy, ice cream, flavors, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textile etc.